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Saffron is a research framework for the extraction of knowledge from text with applications in expert finding, community detection, recommender systems, and enterprise search. Saffron analysis is fully automatic and is based on text mining and linked data principles. Saffron algorithms include: key-phrase extraction, entity linking, taxonomy extraction, expertise mining, and data visualization. The expert finding and community detection application of Saffron provides insights in a research community or organization by analyzing its main topics of investigation and the experts associated with these topics.

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EnRG (Entity Relatedness Graph) provides a ranked list of related concepts/topics to a given entity. These related entities will help users in exploring the archive around their initial interest. We will exploit the similarity algorithms that form the basis of EnRG in extending the Saffron functionality in order to annotate archived articles with closely related articles along different dimensions (an article may be related to other articles in multiple ways).

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Kanopy is a text disambiguation and labelling framework that extracts concepts from texts and links them to external structured knowledge bases like DBpedia, Freebase, WordNet, etc. It then analyses the knowledge bases for finding interesting facts about the entities in the text. Within Smartie, Kanopy is used for extracting Irish political entities from the political news, and for linking them to a queriable version of the Oireachtas data.

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